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Real Name: Kent Adams

Age: 21

Location: Hurricane, WV

Favourite Artists: Hurt, Tool, Chester French, Radiohead, Ween, & many more.

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Anyone who has the courage to express him or herself through a medium like writing. It takes balls to expose yourself.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Bukowski, Dickinson, King David.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: None other than yours' truly.

Why Do You Write: It expands new horizons on the quest for those precious moments of clarity. Also when someone finds a point of connection with you through only the things you write; they aren't aware of your past, who you are, or how you live your life - all that is known is what's on the paper, and to find relatability in that...is nothing short of beauty.

Favourite word(s): "Between." I don't know, for some reason I notice its significance everytime I feel it's appropriate to use while talking, or writing, or thinking, or whatever.

Favourite technique/style to write in: However it needs to happen, you can't contain certain things in a distinct style or technique all the time; you can really rob yourself of the end-product if you focus on these aspects of writing more than you do "what you're writing about in the first place."

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: phantom1, #1synth, culex-night, jiminizzle, circular.parade, we have sound, Carmel, THW, kdownes, Angrygoldfish, SYK(whenever he posts), vintage x metal, bleed away, freshtunes.

Most Helpful Critic: Lately Phoebus and Nilchii have been raping my stuff pretty good lol, so thank you guys. Also, freshtunes, DigUpHerBones, bah anyone who reads and has something to say; thank all you guys.

What do you do especially, to find inspiration: Hmm, I think it usually finds me, for some odd reason. I don't think I'd like writing nearly as much if I had to do some sort of soul-search or something like that each time I needed to find the words I want to say.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason Behind It: "just like every other night." Insecurity is man's most formidable adversary, imo.

Tips for Newer Writers: Just do what you do, and don't be afraid of exposure.

What’s your goal in writing: Not really sure yet....it'll probably come to me someday.

Final Comments or Thoughts: Again, I'd like to thank everyone who read my work this month, let alone comment. It really means alot.

Picture: Eh, maybe later.

Gratz, you crazy bastard. I haven't been able to get to much of your work lately, but you have always been one of my favorites, if not my most favorite writer on s&l.
well deserved.
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i suppose there's a chance
i'm just a litte too shallow to consider
that maybe i've been a little more eager
each day to wake up and take a shower
brush my teeth and smile for the mirror
In my opinion you are one of the top three writers on UG. You're pieces never fail to impress me. Congratz on a well-deserved win
You're my favorite.
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it's official, vintage x metal is the saving grace of this board and/or the antichrist

e-married to
& alaskan_ninja

Grats my good sir.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

Why are you wasting your time with this small stuff. I said Writer of the Year, dammit.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
Well deserved, Kent. You're the most consistently enjoyable writer in S&L, imho.
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I release my inner liberal every morning when I take a shit.
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I wont be like those jerks who dedicate their beliefs to logic and reaosn.
As I'm reading this, Jon and Steve from the band are here - we've had one or two drinks - and I'm telling them whom I would vote for if there was a writer of the year.
"There's very little in this area to question. Why question the heart, the mind and everything else the body imbues? He's an honest, lovely bloke with a truly respectful and adventurous attitude, so why trouble myself? And, not only is he closely followed by the genius of freshtunes, vintage x metal and co, he actually humbles himself as to say they are his adversaries and his equals."
They laughed at my silliness.

I lick ass real good, don't I?

by the way.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
i every single one of you guys.
There's a road that leads to the end of all suffering. You should take it.

- Jericho Caine

secret, aaaaagent maaan.
secret, aaaaagent maaan.