Hello UG.

Today I'm posting a few topics because I've got my first originals gig coming up after almost a year of only doing function bands and now I've become all too careful about everything and hopefully it is making me a better musician.

Fender Performer 1000 - I have been lent one of these by a good friend of mine and I am absolutely shocked at how awesome it is.

2 channels, spring reverb, great sound and simplicity.

Never have I played through an amp that makes me sound infinitely better than I am (I haven't played for almost a year - been doing bass in a functions band and I think I sound like...anyone who is truely awesome).

Even the gain channel has two types of gain (even selectable on the footswitch) which makes it very useful for my originals band.


I cannot find specs, only one on E-bay, none in any shops either.

I am worried that there is a reason they stopped making this amp and I don't want to find out why on mother's day (when the gig is).

Does anyone have any information regarding: specs, what has happened to it and any artist(s) that have used it?

All help is appreciated and criticism of the amp from current or previous owners (this particular one was USA made), would also be welcomed.

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