Well,I've been playing guitar for 2 and a half years now (with a ****ty guitar,no label,horrible pick ups...).
Now I'm playing in a band and I'd like to get a new guitar.
We're playing some mix of Deathcore and Grindcore (on Dropped B tuning).Also I play Death Metal and stuff like this.
My question is... What guitar would be the best for me?
I don't want to spend too much,but I'd like to have a nice guitar with nice sound for a few years now.
I'd spend between 300 - 500 €.

Thanks for the answers in advance
Ummmm i would suggest an ibanez, seeing as they often have emgs or dimarzios. Also the tremolo systems and necks are good value for money

I would suggest the rg series, because a lot of them are good for low budget guitarists.

I would try the RGT42DXFM and some others.
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I think that Ibanez would be the best choice for you. Look at the RG series and the S series.
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Ibanezes usually having EMGs? I know of a few but I'm pretty sure they're the exception and not the rule. Besides, many of the Ibanezes that 'have' EMGs use HZ passive pickups, very few actually carry active setups, unless maybe you're talking about the higher end models, which I don't know if they would be entirely in his price range... However, Ibanez makes some decent guitars, and the RG series has some nice features, especially the thinner necks. However, I have taken an affinity to Schecter guitars as of late, they're relatively inexpensive when compared with other brands. The necks are a bit on the thicker side from most of the models I've played (perhaps there are certain series or models which make thinner necks). If I were you I'd look into either Ibanez or Schecter, because they're quite affordable and dependable for non-American instruments. Many schecter models also carry active pickups stock, which you would probably want playing death or grindcore for more power (read br00tality). Make sure to play before you buy though!
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You should buy a Ibanez Dx 350. I think this is a special guitar for intermediate musicians wich 1~3 years.

If you have a good distortion pedal, you will like so much that sound.

just keep in mind if you do get a RG in your price range be aware of the edge lll tremelo