I am contemplating whether or not to invest in the purchase of a Line 6 M13 multi-effects pedal. I’ve searched relentlessly on the forum, as well as by search engine, trying to find information on the M13’s reliability (given Line 6’s history of product quality or the lack there of). I haven’t specifically been able to find any information pertaining to its reliability (which might suggest something)—but I wanted to hear some possible user input that own this pedal.
The only problem I've had with a Line 6 product was with a Pod X3 live. It utterly fell apart on me due to the design of the stomp switches. However, that design flaw has been fixed. So you shouldn't have any problems.
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I can't really speak for the reliability of the M13 as I don't own one, but a guy I traded amps with had one and I've got to say, that thing sounded pretty sick, and I'm not easily impressed by things like that, especially distortion models.

I played it through his Blackface Fender Showman and it made that amp sound godly.
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I have one and it's built like a tank. Physically, it seems like it's built at least as well as any Boss pedal. As for the electronics - not sure. It's a slick little toy - about the only effect it's missing that I would like to play with is a phase shifter.

I've never heard of Line6 having reliability problems, other than the Spider line of amps which everyone loves to hate. Most working musicians I've talked to hold Line6 pods in high regard.
Reading the Guitarist reviews - which are always OK - it should be a unit to be relied on and to gig with - with a good number of usable sounds and effects.

It is not for me at all, yet for some rigs - fair enough!