after browsing the web and ebay i came across the tokai usg35 and i'm realy intersted in it as i think the price of £199 is vey good for what essentially appers to be an epiphone g-400 with a gibson style headstock.
so i would like to know if i should realy look into it or look at a different guitar.
i play mostly rock like queens of the stone age and occasionall play metal in the form of metallica and the occasional blues in the form of seasick strve.
i am currently in the process of looking at getting new gear as my old gear has become rubbish and broken so interms of amp i am currently looking ay the vox ad15vt xl or the ad30vt xl.
I happen to like my tokai sg, its the USG60 model, i dont know if they still make that model, but its an excellent build, honestly my cousin has a gibson standard and it faces up to it quite well, I would say its on par with it. I got a mad deal on it, so i went for it, the only thing i had to replace eventually were the tuners because they crapped out after a while. Other than that its an awesome guitar.
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