In my math class I was thinking about algebraic operations and I have a doubt.
If a*b = ab because both are different things what if I multiply apple*donkey for example. What is the result of that?
I believe you lose an apple and the donkey gets happy.
appledonkey searchbar is the answer. To further simplify the equation, search 'homework help thread' or similar.
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I really can't tell if you're being serious or not...but in algebra, a and b etc are just "variables" i.e. They represent a number. So if a = 2, b = 3, ab = a*b = 6.

So if apple = 3, donkey = 4, appledonkey = 12.

But...you just wouldn't do that...lol.
a and b are variables. apple and donkey are not variables they're words. In any case, it's just a matter of notation. a*b=ab. That would only be a problem if you have a variable called 'ab' but I somehow don't think that problem occurs that often in math.
Its just an easier way of notating it, right?
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In reality, I like subtracting an apple and equaling a happy donkey, but mathmatically, anything can be a variable, like $ or . In that case, you would have value of apple times value of donkey.
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Edit: isn't a*b = ab the exact same thing?????? I'm confused about your doubt here?
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I imagine you're trying to do apple x donkey (read as apple cross donkey).
the vectoral quantity is too complicated to explain in one simple expression but it's most simplified form could be viewed as apple*donkey sin x
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a*b = ab because ab is just the conventional way of putting it.. you can add the multiplaction sign.. Its nothing to do with a and b being something.. they are variables.
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If its apple and donkey, wouldn't it be more logical to make it a,d??
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Well, you have apple, and you add apples "donkey" times, and you get apple*donkey...

It gets harder when you get to matrix multiplication.
Like, what do you get when you do Neo*Trinity? And remember you have to get into account Neo's glasses when trying to find the determinant when finding Neo^-1 (he has to be square though, so no more donuts for him)....
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