Hey my band The Estranged is a relatively new hard rock/metal band from South Jersey
we have a wide amount of inspiration from IRON MAIDEN

we recorded a rough demo on a rockband mic and we are playing shows and recording soon!

check us out!

we know the demo isnt really great quality but its just to help get shows before we record.
the vocals may be too loud

ADD US if you have a myspace!
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Surprisingly, the drums aren't drowning out the rest.
Dig the intro and the transitions. The bass needs to be louder and maybe add SLIGHT reverb to the vocals.
Stuff's kinda like the stuff we're doing too lol [minus the high vocals]

In my world, the color RED doesn't exist.

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ey Thanks guys!

its hard to eq everythign out like the bass using audacity but we cant wait to record!