I hold my pick with my thumb on top and my index and middle finger on the bottom and the rest of my fingers curled in like a loose fist. It seems like not many people hold the pick this way, but it feels fine for me. However I noticed a lot of metal players hold the pick with their thumb and index and have the rest of their fingers extended out. Is there any advantage to holding this way, will it be easier to pick faster?
no advantages or disadvantages of how you hold your pick except for maybe pushing your thumb down for when you wanna do pinch harmonics, but it wont be a problem for you. if it feels good like that then you do it like that
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I hold my pick like that when I tremelo pick, i hold the other way you mentioned for downpicking and tapping
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In my opinion, I think thumb and index is faster and more flexible. Also doesn't get so tiring for your hand. If I have to tap, I use my middle finger.
I've been playing for about 2, 3 years now and I usually have my hand the first way you mentioned, however over the last few days I've grown into using the second way - but that's probably cause I've been questioning it too much :P
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