So somehow i've already managed a couple of those 1"+ fine scratches that get in your guitar's finish but doesn't really penetrate it, still annoying for me to see when i've only had the guitar for about a month now. I think i've heard of these polishes that are supposed to remove the really fine scratches like that, i believe some Love Potion brand, but does anyone know of any other brands out there that make the same kind of scratch removal?

price isn't a huge issue, but i'm definitely trying to stay relatively low cost. thanks guys.

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check out gerlitz guitar care products, theyre awesome for that sort of stuff, btw if your in uk only stockist is poshguitars.com
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Don't polish it all the time or you will ruin the finish. Those polishes have very fine abrasive particles in them, if you try to get every little scratch every time you get one, you will eventually burn through the clear coat. That makes for a very ugly axe.
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^thanks for that tip, a real good one.

i'm having to put my LP in a softcase for now b/c i still can't afford a hardcase, so i imagine that's partly the reason it's getting these fine scratches, so i'll prolly wait till i get a hardcase THEN polish it up.
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
*Agile AL3000 Les Paul w/ Alnico IIs
*Randall RM50
*Dunlop CFH
*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out
I think a pretty good thing to do would be to get a micro fine cloth and just give your guitar a going over with that whenever you've finished, this'll just get rid of the dirt and sweat and everything, and you can get ones that are washable so it doesn't build up or anything, then just get some proper cleaner for when it really needs it. To get it nice and shiny and get hide scratches a bit, cream of carnauba is pretty good, it's the same stuff they use in car wax and that sort of thing. I got some this morning and it works pretty well.
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I have to say yet another big thanks to Charlie for the "big up" about my products.

However regarding some comments in this thread.
1. There are NO abrasives, or silicones in ANY of the Gerlitz products.
2. They will not damage ANY finish, and are designed especially for use with delicate Nitro Cellulose finishes and untreated wood.
3. Fine scratches ARE a feature of use - to much hard rockin' will induce damage, which over time we refer to as "character."
4. Fine scratches can be polished out, but this does involve some abrasive work e.g. "T cut" or similar. If you do too much and too often you will break through to the undercoat and wood!