After weeks of trying to decide on my first electric guitar (which I'll be playing through a Line 6 Pod GX) I've narrowed it down to the following two;

Yamaha Pacifica 112 V
Hagstrom Super Swede

I know that the sensible people out there will say I should buy the Yamaha and I went into a shop today to buy one. The trouble is that I saw the Hagstrom and fell in love with it. It's nearly twice as expensive and my mate I went with said it costs more than any of his 7 guitars but after holding it, it just felt so right.

I have fairly small hands so it seemed to feel better around the neck with it being smaller. In fact, whilst typing this, I realise I have probably made my mind up already but if anyone has anything to say that will make me think twice, please let me know as I'm pretty level headed when it comes to spending my cash.

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well the hagstrom is shinier. and it also has individual pots for both pickups and coil tap...
waste that money good.
i'd go for the hagstrom
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I would be a bit careful about buying a more expensive guitar as your first. The problem we all have when first playing the guitar is we don't really know what we want. Once you have been playing the guitar for a few months you get a better idea of what you need from a guitar. The Yamaha is more of an all rounder and will be ideal for starting to play the guitar.

Once you get into playing guitar more you can then buy a more expensive guitar that suits what you want. For me after about 6 months of playing I tried out a Fender MIM Strat in a shop and knew straight away it was exactly what I was looking for.

Having said that you may find the more expensive guitar is exactly what you want.