I'm wanting to relic an Affinity Squier Strat my friend gave me. I've heard one of the best ways to get the shine out and to make it look dull and satiny is to use a fine steel wool, so at the moment that is my plan. A question that I have though is I want to make some swirl designs like this first. Well I'm afraid that if I just paint something like that on there instead of taking the dull off of the newly painted surface I'll just scratch it right off. What measures can I take, or what technique could I follow to paint that kind of swirl type stuff, and make sure it stays on there when I dull it with steel wool? Thanks a lot!
I appreciate the reply but you posted the same thing twice . I'd like to see the other link you were going to send me. I appreciate it. But my main concern is when my guitar has the designs on it, they may just get scraped off when I go to sand it down while relic-ing it. I'm not sure if there is a way that I need to paint it so that the paint doesn't get scraped off in the sanding (or wooling) process.
ooops sorry about that. Here is the link for the Monterey strat:


If you just want to dull the finish make sure you put plenty of coats of clear coat on top and that will work. You could also use satin or flat instead of gloss clear for a duller look. Always test first in an area that will not show and pick and choose where you will relic. The checked finish works well as described on the relic site. USe a hair dryer to heat the finish and then hit it with compressed air. The finish will check and look very vintage. The only way to really ruin the finish is to set it on fire like Jimi did his. Otherwise go for it.