What are some GREAT Overdrive/Distortion pedals that have a great thick sound. No price limit

For reference, I love the Jekyll and Hyde V2 pedal. I want something that is similar to that but with a difference voicing (my other guitarist uses it)

also, if you think that a metal zone is a good pedal, **** you get out.
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Look in my profile for an MP3 clip comparing the English Muffin, Proco Rat, and J&H on some ZZ Top riffage.
hmm lets see.. ibanez tube screamer.. thats a type of od isnt it lol? and the maxon 808 od... also ive heard good things about steve vais jemini since its a dual stompbox thingy 1 side OD 1 side distortion
Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff is the best distortion pedal I've played.
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Personal faves of mine are:
Maxon OD808
Anything by Fulltone
EHX Metal Muff
ProCo Rat

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If you have a halfway decent amp, just get a boss eq pedal.
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Overdrive? Hughes and Kettner Tube Factor, Fulltone OCD, Boss BD-2.

Distortion, it's got to be the Boss HM-2 for teh metalz (dammit, Boss, stop making the Metal Zones and reissue this already), teh Frantone Peachfuzz for fuzz and probably a Zvex Box Of Rock for non-metal distortion.
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a satchurator?
maybe a fulltone mosfet or GT-500
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