Masa Sumide - Tears in Heaven

I've searched and could not find the correct tabulature term for this type. It is identical to basic tabulature reading but comes with additional symbols that I am unfamiliar with. The tab is by "Masa sumide - Tears in heaven". The symbols involves " |_| | |. " symbols which I presume is the length of the notes. My question is, are the arch symbols (bottom circled area) hammers? What about the top circled section where there are triplets notes that goes from 4 to 5 and back to 4, are they played individually or hammered? Are there any links to describe this type of tabulature symbols? Any help is appreciated thanks.
Hammer on the Pull off in one picking motion.

Like 'pick' the 5th, hammer the 7th then pull-off to the 5th.

The top ones are just picking the notes, no hammers or pull-offs involved.
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