Okay, so I been for a bit, I still have a lot of work to cover, and I'v been practicing hard/what my instructor tells me to do, my hands have been a bit tired from all the finger drills, etc so I decided to mess around with Master of Puppets. soo... most of the song is not that difficult ( rhythm) but holy s--- the intro is -annoying- I feel like destroying puppies.

the part im talking about is.. 0070060050403020.. the switching between the palm muting etc is really frustrating... I sort of get it, I speed it up a bit and it starts to get crappy... is it me? ( maybe lack of practice) or is this part generally a bit harder to get down?
Takes time to mute and play open alternately in a clean way. Just keep practicing. That's a pretty easy run, so it shouldn't take you long to catch on to doin it. Just keep workin and you'll get it.
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They don't actually switch between muting and non-muted.
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When I play it, I generally don't let up on the palm muting. It gives it a more percussive feel.

I suggest trying it without stopping muting first. Other than that just keep practicing. It'll get easier man

Have fun!

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i know they play it all in downstrokes, but when i play it i downstrum the palm muted parts, and upstroke the open parts. so it would be like:
v v ^ v v ^ v v ^ v ^ v ^ v ^
v= downstroke
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It takes practice. I used to not be able either. Just play it slow&clean for a whole day and try the normal speed tomorrow and see if it helps.
guys i appreciate the comments, i seriously almost threw my guitar @ the wall yesterday.. stuff like that makes me wanna put the instrument down, i do practice for a good amount of hours, though.. I just dont see how scales and finger drills would help me in that situation :\

also, do some of you guys really not let off the palm mute?
Well I don't play this song but I do this sort of stuff and it just takes time. Make up some of your own easy rhythms. Try a palm-palm-normal-repeat strum on power chords like E5, G5, and A5. Or learn any of Grave Digger's songs lol; they really helped me.

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They don't actually switch between muting and non-muted.

Yes they do.
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Thanks dude, I'v never really checked out Grave Digger's music, but I'll check it out, im open to all music how much do you guys generally practice a day, anyway?
The biggest thing this is going to take is time. If you are going to try this with no palm mutes, I reccomend not doing that for very long. Don't get used to doing things the way they aren't supposed to be done. Cutting corners in guitar play ONLY results in less quality guitaring, there is no exception.

If you can do it slow, that is already half the battle. Just keep trying to speed it up slowly, you will eventually get it. Also, if you are having problems with palm muting and switching to open notes, try other songs as well that do this. That way you aren't locked into this song but still practicing something that you are looking to improve. I reccomend checking out Unholy confessions by Avenged Sevenfold. It's a good starter song and will get you switching from palm mutes and open notes back and forth like a pro.
I totally ****in' agree with you dude. I used to do it without palm mutes in the beginning cause I really wasn't able to take guitar that serious, but i'v turned everything around. I will not practice something the wrong way.. I'll check out the song, and btw, I was practicing a bit tonight.. got it much better then last night... I was just getting frustrated.. I suppose it is all time.