try slashs snakepit, the stuff off aint life grand is eeeeepic! best work slash has ever done
Afterlife by A7X

Tears Dont Fall by Bullet

The Bleeding by Five Finger Death Punch

Run to the Hills by Iron maiden

Turbonegro must be destryed by turbonegro (great solo and they are funny)
Intro to Stockholm Syndrome by Muse is pretty cool
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it's cause you forgot to put in an extra hammer-on

a lot of Alter Bridge stuff does. mark tremonti writes awesome riffs and solos.
in particular:
Brand New Start
Open Your Eyes
Down to My Last
White Knuckles
Metalingus (no solo, awesome none the less)
Blackbird (epic. Myles Kennedy actually has the first half of the solo, and he's awesome as well. he's a highly underrated guitarist, imho).
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That's such an incredibly vague question. You're basically asking people to "Name a good guitar-driven song" which means this thread could go on for millions of pages and span tons of genres. This is so pointless. Come back when you have a real question please.
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Three Days- Jane's Addiction
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