So i heard some nintendo core sounded pretty cool, but all the bands seem to not only have an 8bit keyboard thing goin on but also crappy sounding guitars and stuff? anybody got good suggestions with bands that sound a little less nintendo but still have the same vibe? (not sure if in right forum)
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-Horse The Band
-Sky Eats Airplane (THEIR OLD STUFF! You gotta listen to their first album "Everything Perfect On the Wrong Day", not the self-titled.)
These guys sound more suitable for what you're looking for.
-Genghis Tron (More electronic, cybergrind type stuff though I'd suggest listening to their Demo "Cloak Of Love"
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I couldn't even read your post because your avatar was so irritating. But yeah, nintendocore is absolutely not a genre.

There's 8-bit, and there's hardcore. When you combine them it's really just a gimmick.
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"Ninetendocore" isn't a ****ing genre.

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"Ninetendocore" isn't a ****ing genre.

... as long as people know what i mean..

thx to all btw
Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
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Trencher is the closest thing I can think of.

k gonna check that thx
Bong Rips
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& Bong Rips
& Bong Rips
horse the band, iamerror, as the world fades, go! with fourteen o, genghis tron, dungeon elite [**], i shot the duck hunt dog, chaos con queso, (old) sky eats airplane, hanni kohl, 100deadrabbits, breakdance kickboxer..

that's all i can think of off the top of my head. pm me if you need tunes by any of them.