Were headed into the studio in late April to record our 4 track EP, at which point we'll post more details on how people can get it! Thanks for the feedback man.
Is that a good thing? Sorry for my ignorance, I don't think that word is used in Ireland much.

- Adam
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- Adam

this kind of bump is not ok.
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Bump, new song up.

Check it out.


this kind is.

take a look at the rules.
Sorry! I wasn't aware, but ignorance is no excuse. Thanks for the heads up.

- Adam
Hello, we're out of the studio and we've posted a full track from our EP.

Check it out and comment!

It's not for everybody, we are well aware of that at this stage.

- Adam
I really like this stuff.

I wish I could hear the bass more.
I play bass and I wanna learn to play like that.