Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've been playing for 3 years, I have a Deluxe Player's Strat and a Crate Powerblock paired with an Epi Valve Jr.

I plan on making a 212 Peavey Classic clone, mine will have lime green tolex and if i can find it, I'll use black hardware. I really just want the nice retro look of the Peavey Classic, I like how the speakers are diagonal rather then right next to each other.

I'm gonna need some help find out which wood to use.

-Should I use birch of particle board?

-What speakers should I use? (120 dollar range)

-I'm also gonna need help figuring out the electrical, all I know is that my amp can dish out 150 watts RMS, and its 8 ohms. If my cabinet build goes well, then I will sell my amp and cabinet and I'll get a tube amp.

I'm also gonna need to know where to find some parts (handles, casters, mesh... etc.)

So thanks in advance for answering my questions and as my build progresses I'll get pics uploaded.

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i kind of feel like you are in way over your head, have you peeked at the schematics?

not yet.... at first i thought that speaker cabinets had to be built a special way, after looking at my cabinet its not that complicated, i talked to my woodworking teacher and he said it's just a box....

but if its something else tell me... I've built gliders, i have a nifty little dremel, and dozens of woodworking tools(my dad used to build cabinets)