Well guys, Killedelphia19 told me to make this so i am Todays my first ever new guitar day on these forums so aye Well its my birthday (March 17th) and i got a brand shiny new Jackson JS30RR. Its the nicest guitar ive picked up! It plays so well, the strings are low enough to play insanely fast and more to the point it looks so badass! for £258.75 out of my parents never ending money tree it was worth it . Heres a picrure for you guys to drool over :P

Sweet, happy birthday man! It's my birthday today too! But no new guitar day for me...

Anyway, 'grats!
I, for one, love the little soldier boy wallpaper border you've got going on there.

Uber br00tal pwnage.

Congrats on the guitar, though.
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i only see the headstock pic

EDIT: nevermind, the other one's there. beautiful guitar! congrats!
ewwww not for me

but if you love it thats all that counts

good find
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good, i see you made the thread... now bad things don't have to happen

happy NGD day anyway bro!
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']Very nice guitar dude. I'm loving the wallpaper. Very kindergarten

Oh btw, I'M BACK BITCHES!!!!!
Just when I was getting at ease again...

Oh, and TS, nice guitar. I'm sure you'll love it.
congrats man! have fun jamming that out
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I have a Jackson RR3, cost about $400, they are nice guitars. They're really easy to play on.