My mother recently asked what bass I've been looking at. I told her my two choices, an ErnieBall/MusicMan Sterling 5 or a Fender Jazz Bass, but have yet to make a decision.

Halp plz?
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Try them both out yourself. They cost too much to simply go off the opinion of a forum.
Apples and oranges.
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Me personally Fender Jazz Bass. What do you like about the basses you listed ? You should go to a guitar shop and have youself blind folded while someone hands you random basses (have it plugged in a amp like the one you own). Thats how I make my desicons yea random but works, I end up with one that feels sounds great.
i'd take the jazz, most people here already knew i'd say that and know why.
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The question is difficult to answer as it is, since they're not similar basses, but the genres would help.
However, if you said Sterling HH, then that, every time, over the Jazz, because it has a coil-tap switch that gives you J-Bass tones, as well as humbuckers for that massive growl that Js just cant do. It also has a 3-band EQ, where only the Fender deluxes and 24s are active
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