Hi, I've just joined this forum and it looks like there is a lot of useful information on here but I can find much about this guitar http://www.guitarbitz.com/350.htm . I have an electric squire stratocaster standard now but I am looking for an acoustic guitar so I can transport it easily to just mess around with.

This guitar took my eye as it is only £79 with p&p and supposedly was 2004 winner of Guitar Magazine’s Best Acoustic Guitar Under £1000 Award. Unfortunately I can't find this article or anything on the magazines website about it so I am unsure of the claims. There also doesn't seem to be very many reviews on it which worries me (although the reviews I have found have been glowing).

Could anyone confirm that this is a descent guitar and perhaps that the claims of it winning this award are true? I understand that there will be £900 guitars out there that are much better than this guitar though. I have been playing my electric guitar for about 2 years, so is it a good first acoustic for me? Or do I need to raise my budget?

It did win the award.

But like you said it won't play like a £1000 instrument.

Nice to see someone has actually done some research as well, rather than buying the first piece of shit they can find.
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Okay thanks. How would you compare it to the Yamaha FG-700? That seems to be getting some good reviews for a £150 guitar, but it is still nearly double the price of the lorenzo l449.
Anyone own this lorenzo l449 guitar or played on it who could comment? Its not looking good...
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I'm guessing due to the fact that noone has answered this tread saying that they have ever played this guitar then maybe its not a good idea to get one? I thought it would be very popular. Sorry to keep bumping thread but I was so close to getting one a couple of days ago but now I am not sure.
Mate just because no-one has played it it doesn't mean it's a bad guitar. I always take magazine ratings with a pinch of salt but the award has got to be worth something.

You should never buy a guitar without trying it out. Unless of course there is a no-questions-asked return policy. You're looking for a nice cheap little knockabout and the Lorenzo seems ideal.

I read the review years ago and was suitably impressed, I even suggested it to a few people on here.

I say go for it.
Just found a knackered out of tune, old flame series lorenzo at my friends house today, picked it up and tuned the 4 strings it still had.
And jesus christ this guitar sounded amazing, so resonant, really sweet sound, it was filthy but dammit i figured this axe was worth something, can't find anything on lorenzo guitars, except this post and a few other things.
I am utterly surprised that this guitar is £79 brand new, thats ridiculous, well worth it.
Now to try and steal it from my friend.
Lorenzo l449 was my first guitar and it is still my current acoustic though I'm looking to upgrade to a electro acoustic sometime soon. For my first guitar it has went beyond the call of duty. It sounds great for the price and I've used it to record various rough demos of my songs and the guitar sounds great. As for cosmetics it's the most basic setup you can get. No body binding, Pickguard or anything. I read that they did that to focus on the sound and still keep the price low. I added a pickguard but it does not make all that difference. It's served me very well and I've managed to get some great sounds out of it. In my opinion you can't go wrong with it especially considering it's price. Action is quite high on mine though but that has really been the only drawback. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
You guys are a couple of years late. This post is from 2009 haha.
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