they're probably really rich
since they're a successful band and all
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Bands like Paramore? A lot.

If you asked me about bands like U2, a lot more.
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Last year i know for a fact paramore made $900,000 after expenses. Dunno about any other bands like that though.
Well, I payed $20 for a Warped Tour ticket 2 years ago when they were on it.... So lets say there were around 30 bands that day... So I know for a fact they made at least .6666666 cents.
Too Much.
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Their on a pretty standard deal as far as i can see which means the'll get roughly a 10% royalty rate from the MCPS after the label has recouped their advance. The band themselves will make about £1 per album sold.
In the UK the PPL will pay the artist about £20 every time their song's on the radio. The'll also get a cut from licensing (songs used in Ads, Movies etc)
The PRS will pay them money from there live gigs and the'll get a a cut of ticket sales.
if there on a 360 deal that changes everything
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in soviet russia money makes Paramore

in soviet russia money makes no one.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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Let's see:

-Strong album sales
-String merch sales
-Strong ticket sales

I'd say about $1.48/year. Not including taxes.
Paramore probably made just enough to live on off their first album. After their second they made enough to get new cars and nice apartments, after that song got on the twilight soundtrack and they took off on the mainstream in a bigger way, they probably bought houses and nicer cars.

Bands still make most of their money touring and I think those guys tour a lot and get larger shows now, so money should be good for them.
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what exactly do you mean by bands like paramore anyways

He means Sh1t bands
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