So I'm taking the 6 ohm, 6 inch speakers that came with the turntable I bought this summer out of their ridiculous three foot cabinets and putting them in much, much smaller boxes. But I also have a ****ty Dean Markley combo amp with a 6 ohm speaker, so while I'm moving the speakers to smaller boxes I thought maybe I'd give one of them a little input jack and take the head out of the combo amp. But if my speaker has one set of wires leading out the back to the turntable, and another set of wires soldered to an input jack, will it still work while just one of them is plugged in? I suspect that it will, but I am also skeptical of my own electro-circuitronical knowledge.

Anyone want to chime in and reaffirm my faith and sense of self-worth? Or, alternately, help me avert a horrible, disastrous outcome for my project of minimal ambition?
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