I learned most of Dying in Your Arms by Trivium, and I can play the prechorus (the octave chords part) along with tuxguitar at full speed, but when I try to play along with the recording, I have trouble staying in time and keeping track of where I am in the song. Is there anything particular I might be doing wrong, or should I just keep trying it?
Do you have a Metronome to practice with? Just start at a slower speed and work your way up.
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Well, I don't usually practice with a metronome, but what i did was play along with tuxguitar (like guitar pro if you don't know) , starting at a lower speed and working my way up, and I can play in time with that, but when I play along to an actual recording, my timing goes out the window. I guess i just need to practice with the song some more.
Just need more practice. Tabs are usually not totally spot on when it comes to tempo and timings, so just keep plugging away on the real audio track and you'll get it. Learn the song like the back of your hand and really feel the rhythm and you will ace it.
metronomes are KEY
if you dont have one, im sure you can find one on the internet
and if u have an ipod touch, they probably have an app for it

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Thanks for the advice, I have found metronomes online, so I'll start practicing with one of those.
My friend, you need to use a metronome when you practice, get it started slower than the song you wish to play normal plays at and keep building up the tempo until you can play that song.
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