this guy is amazing. his name is dan hunter, and he has two albums. "the frequency ep" and "texas" and is coming out with his third album very soon.

he has been making great music since high school, and is still only about nineteen i think. he was signed last year
Stolen Transmission (2007)
Island Records (2007-2008)

but is now working almost alone, recording his new album from home, expect great things. he uses garageband, fruity loops, and reason4. he also plays guitar in alot of his songs.

make sure to check out his myspace www.myspace.com/playradioplay

so anybody here a dan fan?
Quote by IcePh0enix
The Frequency EP is good, Texas is not so good in my opinion.

i think they are both great. frequency is pretty simple in a good way, while texas shows just how much he has evolved with his music.
but my favourite songs are the unreleased ones anyway. like "same outfit" and "we've been searching the sky for answers"
heres a unreleased song that i learnt to play and sing today.
its pretty different to the rest of his stuff which is electro and exciting. this is more acoustic and nice.