Sega Genesis
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i would pay more for a midget corpse than an average size corpse
I always prefer PC, but if I have to choose, probably Xbox360 since it basically has the best games right now, IMO.
xbox 360, until they changed it and added avatars etc. still the best out there though
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Sega Megadrive

That's the genesis as it was called outside the US
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Xbox 360 or N64
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.
Ah, good ol' NES and SNES. I really enjoy Sega and PS1 though. PS2 has alot of great games I guess. Ah.. **** it. I like em all.
n64, maybe gamecube, ps3.

video games were more fun when i was a youngin. now im only semi youngin at 15
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n64, snes