hey i just got my harley benton g212 cab to go with my marshall dsl50. im just a little confused about the way i should be hooking this up. the cab has a switch to switch it from 8 ohm mono to 16 ohm stereo. there is a left jack and a right jack. the 8 ohm side of the switch is under the left jack and the right is over the 16 ohm side.

i guess im confused about the switch in relation to the jacks. i have the switch to 8 ohm mono and the cable from the left jack on the cab to the jack on the amp(8 ohm). does the left jack mean its for the 8 ohm, and the right for the 16 stereo?
I think in stereo mode you'd use both jacks so that each would be 16 ohms. When it's in mono mode only the one jack works and it's 8 ohms.
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