I am going to be going to college in the fall on 2010. Right now I go to a private Jesuit school and I would like to stick with that for college. I am looking at small schools (no more than 7,500 students or so) in cities with rich culture. I stumbled upon Regis University in Denver, Colorado and would like to know if anyone goes to the school or lives in Denver that could tell me what they like about the city. I don't know what I will be majoring in college but I would like to get a law degree and become a music lawyer (entertainment law is the official name I think?). Any info would be cool, thanks.
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I live about a mile from Regis. Although I can't say anything about the school academically it forms a very close knit community and has fairly decent sports from what I hear . Denver is an amazing city especially if you are outdoorsy and I wouldn't live anywhere else. Clean air, best skiing in the lower 48, mountain biking, 300 days of sunshine a year with non extreme weather, and a decent music scene.
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