Me covering some tunes.
Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N' Roses

Have A Cigar (Pink Floyd Cover) by the FOO FIGHTERS

Learn To Fly by the Foo Fighters

You Really Got Me by Van Halen

Then I have a bunch of other videos up as well such as:
Stairway to Heaven
Highway Star
Always on the Run
First Date
Back In Black

So be sure to check out my channel too. I cover atleast one song every 1-2 weeks so check back often. I play a lot of different types of rock based music so I'm sure everyone can find something they like. My channel can be found here:

Thanks, again, and enjoy!
I think that you're great and deserve a lot more video viewers than you have.
Quote by gudinge
I think that you're great and deserve a lot more video viewers than you have.

thanks a lot man, but it's really hard to get views. You might know if you have vids up. It just gets aggravating because I want views haha
try to link it to friends and just link to it everywhere, i had some videos up a long time ago, and that's what I did
yeah that's what I've been trying to do, but I just recently started linking them to UG and that's helped a lot
^ Thanks for YouTube comments bro' , the covers are top notch! In fact I might just head over to do a Nightrain or Jungle cover soon! Nothing to complain here , everything is true to the original! Which isn't easy to do , but much less for a band the caliber of GN'R!
haha nice, I'd love to see some more covers from you, your Rockstar Lady cover sounded pretty good. Yeah I'm glad you enjoyed my Jungle cover, it's one of my favorite songs and I didn't wanna screw it up