Well, I can sing so-so and i can play guitar, but i can't do both at same time. I lose the beat, even if its the easiest thing to play. And now I'd have to do both because my band's singer and second guitar just said he had enought with singing and it looks like im the 2nd less worst singer of the band. I like singing but thats not a reason to not play guitar.
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Play the song until you can do it without thinking.

I made up a song and can already (sorta, I'm a bad singer) 'sing' to it.

Travis picking makes it so complicated T_T

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well, you must practice, keep trying I know it ca be frustrating, but you have practice a lot, you'll get it, or you might just suffer the Zappa syndrome and will never get it, just like me
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I just took a side class in college called "intro to folk guitar" we learned how to sing and play guitar and its really not that bad as long as you are just strumming. You basically get your hand into the correct motion and forget its there, then just concentrate on your left hand while singing.

Not as hard as it sounds.
Do some Nirvana, i can't do those either at the same time (i can't sing at all, lol) but if i relax and have fun, some of Kurt's riffs flow...it's hard to explain.
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i used to have trouble but just practice with slow **** and it gets easier. practice is the key. acoustic is probably easier with simple chords thats how i learned.