just to know
if i had a guitar with a floyd rose
could i use locking machine heads instead a locking nut?
if not, could you explain why?
Yeah you can with a graphite nut.

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If you had a regular nut you could by replaceing the nut with a roller nut or graphite, it wouldent work as well with a locking nut without the clamps as the strings would catch on the fr nut and cause you to go out of tune.
Locking tuners work well, but not that well. The usual heavy whammy bar action that you can pull off with a FR are more than the tuners can handle.
A locking nut clamps everything in place so that there is no way to go out of tune. I would /always/ suggest that over locking tuners.
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i think if you use the locking tuners, and a roller/graphite nut, it would be easier to bend and stuff, but the locking nut clamp would probably make it difficult to bend... just my opinion though, since the string wouldn't have that much extra string at the top to move... no idea what i just said..

but will not keep in tune as well as locking nut especially for tremolo/ floyd rose
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