im about to join a new band and i will be the third guitarist. the style is metal/ hxc stuff and i jus need some tips on adding to already writtten songs. i dont suck at guitar and have alright theory knowledge i guess. we use lots of breakdowns and i knw about harmonies n **** like when one plays a riff, the second guitar will play like 3 frets higher or lower, just stuff like that. but any advice and tips would be cool on what to do.
Ur knowledge on harmonies doesnt sound quiet right, u should look into it a bit more about scales and the ACTUAL notes used not fretwise

other than that three guitarist is a hard thing to get going but it can work really well as well. so all i can say is learn more about ur harmonies and that would be the best bet, and also you could experiment with sounds a bit more idk, best of luck