So I got myself a cheap ebay guitar, since it was a lefty and I had some money in my paypal to use. First thing I did was take it apart, resolder some of the crappy soldering, coating the inside with tinfoil using spray glue to shield it. It cleaned up a lot of the noise. This is sort of a project guitar, that when I have money to upgrade the pickups, nut, tuners, maybe trem, etc. Please don't say buy a different guitar or something, I bought it and I'm going to work on it as I can. I don't play in a band, I just like to jam in my room with the amp up, or the headphones on if the girlfriend is watching Judge Judy. lol. Its a strat style guitar, SSS configuration. I like to play all kinds of stuff, some metal and rock, took classical years ago, so I like some finger picking stuff clean sounding stuff, chord struming, Clapton, etc. So just about anything. lol. I'd like to throw a hot rail kind of pickup in one of the positions, and some different higher quality single coils. What would be the best position to place the pickups and what would be a good match to give me a wide range of sounds with the 3 single coil slots. I'm not going expensive on the pickups, just something a bit better than the stock, find a good deal on ebay on some when I got some extra paypal money. Or should I think about changing the pickguard to a HSS one, my cavity is already routed to fit a humbucker, so one would fit in the bridge position. Just then I need a new pickguard and that add's to the cost unless its possible to dremel a SSS to fit a HSS or SHS or something wacky. Buying a left handed pickguard sucks even more. You get the great choice of colors in white, white or usually white. And the great selection of SSS and HSS or, umm, thats it. So any suggestions? How are the Wilkonson pickups, they got lots of those on ebay. Just want something versatile, so I want something screaming, something clean and bright, something muddy, something all around. I'm great at electrical and soldering, so doing something like coil tapping and putting extra switches on shouldn't be a problem for me.

Thanks for any suggestions from anyone who can offer any advice other than trash my guitar or tell me to buy $200 pickups. I'm paying off a house, work a job, own my business and just like to jam to release the stress. lol.
You might look at the Fast Track 2 from DiMarzio for the bridge position if you like playing rock and metal from time to time. I got one used on eBay for about $45 a few years ago, and I liked it alot for some more "mean" tones in the bridge.

If you haven't already heard of Guitar Fetish, or GFS pickups, you gotta check 'em out. They are cheap, reliable, and most importantly they sound great. Give 'em a shot!
Gfs Ftw.
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