Imagine havin' your vocal chord ripped
from your lips and dissected,
infected with a perfect voice.

She's paying twice for what her parents bought.
'tosh' she quipped.
'nya hah' she choked.
But she could not laugh freely cause her voice was naught.
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This is very, very finely crafted. I can't ferret out a meaning at the present, but I can admire the care but into the rhyming and flow. I especially liked the hint of colloquialism.

On the down side
"nya hah" just seemed, well, stupid. I think you can come up with a better choking sound. Then again, I'm sure it was picked for a reason. W/e, up to you. I thought "cause" should be "because".
Yeah, pretty minor stuff. Overall, admirable.
You're probably right about 'nya hah' but I REALLY can't think of something.

it's supposed to be a posh laugh, lol. The kind of laugh lord snooty of snootingdon would come out with.

(Do you get 'rp - Received Pronunciation' in America?)

(do you have a piece up, btw?)
On vacation from modding = don't pm me with your pish
Oh, I completely wasn't thinking posh laugh! Going with choked, I thought... choking. And also, no I don't currently have a piece making the rounds, but soon hopefully. The ones in my sig are pretty old.