What Do I look For??

I really cant play anything good....... So whats good to play?

I am going to guitar Center soon to look at A Fender Fat Strat..
the sound,feel, and comfort

play what ever you know..

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well, look for a size/weight/design you like, see how smooth it feels for you to play it, the cost is something you should look for, there is almost always a cheaper alternative that is = or > than what you first tried out
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just play what you intend on playing with it.

since i'm a rhythm guitarist in a band, i just play chords to test them out
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Play some scales, chords, simple stuff like that.
Make sure you get hooked up with an amp similar to what you'll usually be playing though. That way you dont get fooled into thinking the sound of the guitar is great when it is infact the amp.

EDIT: Stairway is fine to play lol. As long as you play the solo along with it. Otherwise it's just the same as all wannabe players play.
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I like to feel the neck a bit to test how smooth it is. I play some sweep arpeggios and some simple barre chords. I then fiddle with the tone, volume etc to see how versatile it is. Hope this helps!
feel the neck COMPLETELY, even if you dont play on the top frets, check the access anyways.

make sure to get comfortable when trying it out, if you're rushing you wont get a good impression.

lastly, put the amp on standby and pull the cable out and in a few times, make sure the jack is good, turn the amp pack on and play a open note and let it sustain. Now try ALL the settings and knobs to make sure none are scratchy/defective.

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The first thing I notice is playability: how good the neck feels, the action, how the fingerboard complements my hand, the body shape, etc.
The second thing I look for is sound: since I play blues, ska, folk, rock, etc., I play some standard chords, barre chords, scales, and kinda twiddle around.

The best advice I have to give is to not try to play a particular song. If you are playing a song, then what you want it to sound like or think it should sound like will overshadow or warp your perception of how the guitar itself plays. Just go there and have fun, and try not to get intimidated when you plug in.
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