Hello everybody I am new on the forum so first I'd like to say hello to everybody!

I have a little problem, and I need help, so I think this is the place to ask!
Well me and my friend like some guitars, but in our country the guitars are expensive, and we must wait A LOT! So we find easier and cheaper way, because we don't have much money!So we find where to make this, but we don't have the correct scheme! We need correct properties of this two guitars! I mean lenght, holes! With pics if you can please! (body only xD) So if you have this guitar and know the dimensions of the body, please send pctures and description, lenght of cracks of the Randy Rhoads and Stelth, front and back! (both with single pickup. So only one volume controler. No FR)
I'd be thankfull if you can help me
Ultimate Template Thread

And, I'm sorry to say, I've never come across plans for those guitars. So, as I said, try the Ultimate Template thread... you'll have to do some waiting, though. MW is kinda buried in requests....
I would help if I could...
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