So, my guitars at the point where I am tearing my hair out at the sound, the wear and tear on it is too much,
Some choices that I have in mind is something like

a Carvin DC127 - with a m22sd-6 at bridge
an epiphone les paul
a fender stratocaster
or an Ibanez RG1570

My music ranges from bands like Scorpions, Motley Crue, Guns n roses, to power metal like Night wish, Stratovarius, Sonata arctica
I also like Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, and Satriani

I have roughly 1000$ US
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If you like EJ, Steve Vai, and Satch, as well as Motley Crue, you'll want a guitar with a Floyd style trem.
Does the RG1570 have an Edge III or Edge Pro?
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Uhm, I think a Fender HSS Stratocaster could work, but you may need the Floyd for some of your artists.

You could always just get a Strat and throw some locking tuners on it to help prevent how much you'd go outta tune when using the tremolo.

But that Ibanez does seem like a half decent choice - it's your call.