Boss GT-10 (already own)
Carvin Stereo Tube Power Amp - $550
BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer - $180
2 Basson 2x12's - $890
SKB 4-Space Roto Rack - $115

Is spending $1735 on this setup worth it? And what would you put in the 4th rack-space or should I leave it empty? The power amp will have EL34s on one side and 6L6s on the other. I usually run my GT-10 in stereo. The dual sonic maximizers will make it sound better. I also heard great things about Basson cabs. The thing is that I would have spent $2235 total for this rig if I go through with it. I have no idea how it'll sound. The main thing I look for is versatility. I'm constantly playing with different people who play different styles. The only amps I would consider buying are the Marshall JVM410, Mesa Boogie Mark V, and the VHT Sig:X for their versatility.
replace the sonicmaximizer with something else
also that really will just boost the modelers volume. Get a real amp that is versatile if you want it to be better.
What he said ^^^

The only reason people ever really work on putting togethe rack like that is so they can monitor their set-up and sound in a live setting at a big venue, such as a stadium or music hall. If you're just messing around at home, in a studio, or at a small gig, just a good versatile amp should do the trick for ya.
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