just for looks. i have two LEDs leading to two AAA batteries inside the back plate and a simple on/of switch mounted in the face plate. its separate from the rest of the wiring and doesn't interfear with any moving parts. can this still effect the sound? perhaps a static or something alike interference? thx
Probably not considering active electronics have batteries that function along with the guitar as well. You never know though - the lights could produce some excess hum if they're strong enough. That's the only thing I could think of.
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LEDs can cause hum, depending on how powerful they are and how close they are to the pickups it could cause a problem, but I think with only a couple it sound be ok as long as they aren't right next to the pups.
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It will be fine... I mean you aren't lighting it up like an xmas tree? led's are after all, diodes... and they draw verrrry miniscule amounts of current.
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I don't think a AAA would put out enough current to cause any interference anyway.
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The diodes won't cause any hum. They run of DC, AC caused hum. Plus there are probably 30 diodes inside your amp and it doesn't hum...
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i saw a guy on utube that did this and it sounded fine. Looked killer to
I recently bought a glow guard for my strat upgrade and it must have about a dozen LED's in it, no excess hum to report. I would recommend that you shield the cavities with copper tape to minimise hum from external sources though, like T.V.s, P.C.s certian types of lights etc.

Here's a couple of pics I took while doing mine,

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