I have decided to stop being lazy and get a job. I do however have rather long hair. I do not want to cut my hair. Where should I go to try to get a job?
no where you would want to work.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Be a janitor or a become a rabbi
Trust me I'm a doctor

A doctor with a mustache
I hear drug dealers don't have to keep up a nice appearance.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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Most places should be cool with it if you neatly put it into a pony tail.

This im growing my hair out and my workplace doesnt mind as long as I manage it and keep it clean.
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Some porn stars have long hair. Or homeless person.

Those are respectable professions.
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I have no opinion on this matter.
alot of places'll be fine with long hair as long as you keep it well kept. wash it/keep it out of your face when you're in the store, all that kind of stuff

probably not so much at fast food places/ jobs in/near kitchens
I hear the army is now accepting people with long hair.
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Smoke some fags and play some pool
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You could try HMV or any other CD chain stores. The ones round where I live practically encourage you to have long hair.
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I have long hair and I tie mine up for work, it looks 'respectable' so should work for you.
You might and will probably have a hard time finding a job if your hair is really that long...but seriously, stop being a lil girl caring so much about your damn hair....that would help your situation a lot/
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my music teacher sells weed and hes made enough just from selling it to buy his own recording studio. he has long hair. hes probably the coolest music teacher in the world haha
Umm if you're desperate for a job, cut your hair, and get a job. Then worry about growing your hair once you are in said job.

Tis what I did, sure it sucks since I have to re-grow what I cut, but atleast I'm making money now.
when i had my hair i worked at a local pizza place, they just made me tie it back
TS never specified that the hair he was talking about was on his head.

Wear longer pants and pull them up higher
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I don't see why it'd be difficult to find a job with long hair. As long as you keep back neatly and take good care of it, it can look quite classy, especially in a job that requires a suit.

However, if you're just going to wear it loose, you should just become a trolley boy.