im about to get a fender bass amp that weights some wehre between 75 to 85 lbs, and my current valveking whcih weighs like 45-50 lbs i think, and i 've got an 05 chevy malibu, assuming were carrying two regular sized teenagers, my car wont break wont it on the way to gigs and practices will it?
That's a long sentence.

But it should be fine. Considering it's a car designed to carry 5 people, who would all weigh more than 80lbs, I don't think some amps will break it.
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lets do the math, now.

75 to 85 pounds. Okay, one 7th grader. And 45 pounds? A 3rd or 4th grader.

Can you fir two small children fit into your chevy without breaking it.

This amazes me, seeng as YOU weigh more than these two combined, and your car already has a load of several thousand pounds on it..

major /facepalm
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It's going to collapse under all that weight.

For reals.

Yeah, don't take the amp with you. It'll seriously wreck your cars suspension which will lead to plenty of other problems.

and they let these people drive?
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and they let these people drive?

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Did you seriously consider doing that? Do you know what it will do to the car???
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That, coupled with the explosive properties of your engine, will probably get you killed.

Youre gonna be driving with your amps and all of a sudden your suspension will break the engine will explode and will most likely cause you to die.

Anyway no that car is designed to hold at least 4 people who would most likely weigh more than those amps combined.
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The next time you turn on the ignition, your car will explode.

2 words.

Face. Palm.
Wow, TS. You really had me going there. You? Drive?
its weird how humans seem so light and everything else so heavy. gravity must be off for us.
I have no opinion on this matter.
my last car got wrecked by a lil 15watt amp that weighed like 5 pounds so i'd be super careful if i were u
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absolutely, your shocks will be gone in a matter of minutes, followed by engine failure and possible spontaneous combustion. Most cars are only capable of transporting the driver, and maybe one passenger safely, anything else in incredibly dangerous, that's why SUVs where invented.
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75 to 85 lbs... and you think that your car may not be able to handle that?

you sir, are ****ing brilliant
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i know it was a silly question but i cant break this car for my life, i just want to double check so my dad wont hang me, even ya'll can understand that
no, we can't

you're an idiot
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It'll pop your tyres... then you'll have to buy more. Also your brakes will wear out, so you'll have to buy more of those and new clutch too cause it will start slipping pulling all that weight... I would recommend getting a trailer to take it from place to place, but keep an eye on your trailers tyres, they could pop...
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Jesus Christ. It's definitely going to break. Also, no one but you can ride in your car.
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I took 2 fulls stacks to a gig in a jetta once.

But your malibu will break.

This seems like you were excited and wanted to tell ug you're getting a big bass amp.
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Your car's probably on fire right now.

It's just snapped in half.
i hope the police dont hear of this. its illegal. friends dont let friends drive with amps.
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