I recently bought a Jackson WRMG Warrior for $650 Canadian days before that 20% or so price increase many guitar producers put in effect in February...basically everybody else in my area was charging $850 and up...

It, however, came with passive EMG Hz Pickups.

I may want to upgrade in the future but I hear it can cost a great deal to have active EMG pickups professionally installed...but this WRMG has the battery IN PLACE already for active pickups.

As a secondary side question, what are a good choice for EMGs? I hear 81/85 combo is good a lot...but what pickup would work best in neck/bridge, etc?

And yes, I know many of you prefer Duncans :P but I quite like my EMGs.
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soldering iron: $15
instructions on how to do the install: free

Total cost: $20

I was gonna say, if it has the battery clip then it might have the quick swap system EMG uses, but I think you would still have to switch the pots out.
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Usually you have to change the electronics I think from passive to active. For normal installs my local tech charges $20 per pickup and he has 15 years experince working on guitars.
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It depends a lot on where you go, or if you choose to do it yourself.

EMG's are very easy to install. Make sure you're using the correct pots though. Something like 25k is what EMG recommends. That could add another $30 to the pickup price, unless they come with a set.
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81/85 comes in set with everything you need. Included pots, volume jack and sometime cables.

EMG 60 also quite prized by many people. It's comes stock in ESP Eclipse series.

Also take a look at EMG 89. If I remember it right it's a 85 with coil-split capability.

All EMG have quite ok clean sound. Br00tal heavy sound. They're all VERY quiet so you can turn the gain up to with minimum noises. If you plan to play with a lots of distortion then they're the way to go.

If you plan to rock out the blues with feeling then you might as well forget it... Being made only for metal the tone is dull and has much less 'dynamic' than good passive pickup...

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^ this dude works for emg I think.

anywho. practice soldering on some scrap, it's not very hard to get the hang of.
shouldn't cost you a lot.
I'd recommend a 60 in the neck, they are meant to be very nice and warm. I find my neck is quite muddy. not sure if it's the 85 or 81 though.
also new emgs come with coil tap.
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Kit cost is about 250 euro over here and is only for the 81/85 combination & electronics. If you want one of the other neck pups you will probably have to but all the bits separately but it shouldn't cost a lot more. Forget exchange rates as prices in europe tend to be around 1 euro = 1US$ after taxes and high margins are calculated in.I've been using mine for a month or so now and I'm finding some quite nice clean tones as well as the metal stuff. Classic rock is harder to get but quite acceptable, compared with my Yammy with passives. You just have to use your controls a bit more carefully as EMG's are more sensitive to both tone and volume/tonality changes. i.e. at vol 5 they are clean, at 6 they are like full blast on a passive and they go on beyond that into metal territory.
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