My name is Austin. I play the guitar and when I make recordings I also play drums, bass and keyboard. I'v been playing for less than 3 years. You might recognize me for winning the Gibson Slash Les Paul contest last year.

I just bought a website. http://www.electrictone.com
Please visit and use the links to check out my mp3s and videos!
Any views will help. The site is still currently under construction, but stop by and see how everything is going. Keep in mind I'm no programmer and I'm making all of this from html and java!
Eventually I can have ads on my site to help me keep my site going and be able to pay for hosting, so make sure and stop by.
Make sure to check out my YouTube channel too! I'm in a band right now called the Mad Hatters, you can check out some of our gigs on my channel! http://www.youtube.com/ElectricTone
Please subscribe! I'm close to being able to becoming a partner!
Let everyone know to watch, rate, comment and subscribe!

Thanks for helping out a fellow guitarist!