i know another one. but i used a search bar and my question wasent answered so i got to ask does the wood the cab is made out of matter to tone? and what if i bought a 112 cab made up of BALTIC BIRCH WOOD. is that good wood cuz all woods the same to me.
It makes a difference, going from particle board to something decent. FWIW pretty much any half ass decent cab will be baltic birch. Construction quality, size, open/closed back, and speakers are what you need to focus on.
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The ply count matters too
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why would you want to put the bitrate down?
to make it smaller without hearing any change in quality that the human ear can detect?
Does not compute for the audiophile

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^I've only seen 13 ply, but that is true.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
so if i get decent speakers in a crappy constrution it still will sound good?