This is my first post on this forum, hoping for some people to spot out what talent I have and help me develop my songwriting skills. I'm 17 years old and heavily into Prog Metal. I have full songs that I have written and fully tabbed in Gpro, I just don't know where to go to share them and have people critique me.

This piece I have written is about the misinterpretation of Satan's true implications of his actions in overthrowing Heaven. The principal behind his action is to symbolize individualism, free-will, wisdom, self-confidence and one very prominent fact that exists in society today.

That Satan is a metaphor for mans inherent behavior.

Please keep in mind that what is portrayed in this piece doesn't reflect my personal beliefs, but those of an atheistic satanist. One who believes in the symbolism behind Satanism but not worshipping him as his own deity

Opposite Perception

A predominant figure, often perceived as baneful
His symbolic imagery dark, yet auspiciously wise
Misinterpreted through time as pugnacious and hateful
An entire morality, quietly falsified

Resembling man's inherent nature, no intent of criticism
Only acceptance and realization, of one's human traits
Wisdom, Free Will, attained by individiualism
Invalidated as one, personified through hate

This elevated aptitude, god if you will
Seeks good and no evil, but good he has killed
Through masking an intelligent moral belief
Feeds him guarenteed dependance, in redundant times of grief

Irony so lucid, so clear, you're quick to adhere
He who preaches independence in aplomb
Merely becomes silenced like scum
Reminders from Earth, of and how ignorance is fear

This glorified image, of purity, free of sin
Is one seeking dependance of him, from deep within
Blindly praised and worshipped, ring a bell?
He lives in perceived paradise, or is it hell....?
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