So my band has been together almost for 2 years, and we've made quite a few originals as well. Now for the past few months, our current drummer has been very flaky about gigs, practices, etc. And quite honestly, he sucks. He can keep a beat, but that's pretty much it. Now my rhythm guitarist has a 10 year old brother that kicks some serious ass with the drums, can do some killer double bass work and awesome fills and whatnot. We have already done one gig with him, and that was because our current drummer couldn't make it. Now unfortunately its the stereotypical situation where the drummer is our friend and we don't wanna look like dicks by kicking him out. But as much as we want to make my guitarists brother our drummer, I only have one issue with that and that is, do you think we'll be taken seriously with a 10 year old drummer?

tl;dr: Do you think my band whos members are 14 will be taken seriously with a 10 year old drummer?
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considering your age group, if you pwn anyways it dont matter about age.

i mean look at black out band.
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Itd be like Dark Angel
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that'd be sick! use the 10 year old
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Drummers.. ours never wants to play..

Anyway a 10 year old drummer (if they play well) would own, your only problem is getting rid of the other drummer...
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To be honest, if you're 14, no one will take you seriously anyway, so don't worry about that you should just make the best music you can and have fun jamming.

This. You wont be getting any gigs in pubs and stuff anyway for at least another four years, so for all you know the lineup might have changed by then etc.
He's behind the kit anyway, so it's not a big deal.

However, there's a band in my area called "Filter Effect"(one of their guitarists posts on this site) who's drummer is some tiny 10 year old looking kid who drums quite well. However, he thinks he's cool as hell. I played a gig at the Stone Pony where they opened for us, and he was walking around cursing left and right. I'm talking every other sentence i'm hearing "F*ck", "Sh*t", and fag. If your drummer is good and not a retarded little kid like the one I mentioned, than you're A-Okay.