I have a problem with my singer. me and him have been jamming for about 3 years now, and we've written around 25 songs. I always write the music, he writes the lyrics. He's a really good lyric writer, and writes a lot of good stuff, but he just cant do all the stuff he needs to as a singer. he says he likes doing rhythm guitar better, but he cant play 5 of the songs we've written, and is really slow picking up any song on guitar. should I try to find a new singer? I'm worried he'll take his lyrics with him, and then I'd be screwed...help me out.
What things can't he do your very vague. If its just a rhythm guitar problem,

A: Help him learn the parts he struggling with.


B: Tell him he doesn't have to play whil he sings.
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Quote by bonzo_lives

B: Tell him he doesn't have to play whil he sings.

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I told him to just sing, and not worry about the guitar parts, but he insists on doing them, even though it makes him sound worse. as far as what he cant do singing-wise...He can do soft rock type stuff, and he can do hardcore death type stuff, but he cant get a good rock and roll sound, (which is what our band happens to be) and his falsetto is crap.
Nuh uh! I'd say, if you decide to give him the kick, do NOT try and bring his lyrics with you - of course it would help YOU - BUT it would it'd be one of the most honorless things you could possibly do. Really. If you decide to let him go, you gotta be able to let his lyrics go too. It's a choice.

Every choice has consequences. And do NOT try to STEAL (because that is what it is) another person's art, thoughts and feelings, for own amusement, just because they forgot to copyright the **** <.< - Sorry for the outbreak, but the thought of kicking out a fellow musician, and steal his work to be extremely disgusting.

Nonetheless. I think you should try and work it out with him. Just have patience - teach him the basics of theory on the guitar, and just help him learn his parts. He will most likely learn, unless he has some mental disability.

Anyway, good luck, and don't steal art. Create it.

Northernmight+1 about the stealing.

As a singer/guitarist, it is very difficult to do both. One of the two will invariably suffer.... unless you're Rik Emmet or something. I sing better when I'm not playing guitar. I love playing guitar too... so I do.... but I admit I would be a far better frontman if all I did was sang.

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