I thought I'd pop in this forum and get some criticism for the pieces I have been working on. I don't have a band so anything that is in these tabs is purely written by myself. I'm 17 years old and have been playing for 4 years without any lessons in guitar or theory.

Open Your Mind:

Alchemical Centrifuge:

Mental Degredation:

Dillusional Redemption:

Tech Death Experiment:
Open Your Mind.gp5
Alchemical Centrifuge.gp5
Mental Degredation.gp5
Dillusional Redemption.gp5
tech death experiment.gp5
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I only listened to 'Open Your Mind'

It sounds alot like Symphony X to me, neoclassical metal with hints of prog thrown in.
Only major concern is that the transitions were shaky, too sudden, like a starting one sentance without finished the preceding one (Would you like to go- Saturday night at the ballpark...) just kind of broken.
Dissonance is Bliss

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Some of the composition does sound quiet nice, but some of the riffs feel like that there just thrown in, maybe cause of the drums randomly appear in and out i dont no but the art of song writing is the ability to mold ideas so that they flow,
My main problem is making things flow and transition properly...I really can't grasp how I can make some of my writing sound properly constructed, my lack of lessons may attribute to this..
Its all obviously practice, but that seems to be the only flaw i could come across
Maybe what you could do is hum your music, and if u find yourself struggling from one transition to another stop the song, hum and try hum like a bridging section and the transpose that
So I guess my only flaw so far is working on making things flow. What are some useful techniques or tips that I could apply to my songs to help bars flow into eachother more smoothly...

Also what did you guys think of bars 54-79 in Open Your Mind?
I love the arpeggio progression, Nice time sig as well be a mind **** to count out and play rhythmically properly.

Turn down the string section around Bars 60, the unisons its just a tad to loud, and then just suddenly stops
Thanks I boggled my own mind with that progression, it took me forever to figure out which time signature it fit into.

Sorry about the volumes, I wanted the strings to be a value lesser than the guitar...oops!
I'm going to slowly work on fixing my transitions, maybe ring things into the other bars or a little riff to make the transition flow more smoothly...

Any ideas?