I have recently moved from acoustic to electric and am needing help. Im trying to look for this certain tone that is not listed in the ultimate settings thread. The song that im looking to sound like is here = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Wiu8nWMb04. I have written the tab for it but could never quite get the tone i needed. Can anyone help? I will list my equipment below. Also is there any apparent effects i should know? like reverb, chorus, overdrive or Distortion? Thanks for any help

Squire Strat Affinity Series
Marshall amp - 15DFX-MG Series
Fender amp - SKX-100R
Spider 2 headcab
Misc Danelectro floorpedals

I got other stuff but this is mainly it.
the lead guitar?
right here


How do you get overdrive? Gain or otherwise? and to what setting? and what about the EQ Treble-Mid-Contour?

Just pondering
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