2 GB @ 800MHz or 3GB @ 667MHz ?

Thanks in advance.
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the computer thread is much more efficient.
800MHz has a faster access time so it is able to be utilized faster and more responsively by programs. However, if you do a lot of multitasking, the first thing to worry about is the actual memory capacity.

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go with the 800 one
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Computer thread, however it depends on what you're trying to do with it. If you want fast memory access, the smaller, faster RAM is a good choice. If you need lots of multitasking but not so much speed, the larger, slower RAM is the way to go.

But from the choices given, I'd say the 3GB 667MHz RAM is better for general purposes, since 3x667>2x800.
One gig more is always one gig more, meaning you'll run out of RAM a bit later. Your allocatable space will always run out, no matter how fast your RAM is. I'd personally choose reducing the chance of that happening over having superior performance until it happens.
Efficiency-wise, the 800MHz.

Get the 2GB @ 800MHz and just get another 1GB of it when you have more cash
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